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Hello, and thank you for wanting to contribute to the CFDE!

By contributing, you agree:

  1. To obey the Code of Conduct
  2. To release all your contributions under the same terms as the license itself: the Creative Commons Zero (aka Public Domain) license

If you are OK with these two conditions, then we welcome both you and your contribution.

The C2M2 is actively under development. Discussion about improving or expanding the content of the model should be either:

  • Directed to our discussion list:
  • Submitted as a feature request to
  • Discussed at the Data ingest workgroup (details will be broadcast via the C2M2 discussion list)

Minor edits to the text (typo fixes and the like) can be submitted as Pull Requests to the specifications-and-documentation. This repo is access restricted to only onboarded CDFE members.

Thank you for being here and for being a part of the CFDE project.